The Science of Sound

Scientific, peer reviewed clinical study of sound healing is coming more to the forefront as Western society catches on to this age-old healing practice. Leading researchers, practitioners, and healers such as Dr. Mitch Nur, Lea Garnier, Katie Down, Alexandre Tannous, Dr. John Beaulieu, Jens Zygar, Sheila Whittaker, Michael Bettine, Mike Tamburo, Don Conreaux, and many others are regularly contributing in word and deed. Yet all approach sound healing from their own unique perspectives, with the focus on anything from the physics of sound, to intuitive use, citing historical perspectives or quantum science, and far beyond…

Through time spent with these experts, I have found there to be a common through-line: When sound is used with a clear and well founded intention, and when the instruments are of good quality and the playing is well done, then the benefits of sound healing for human beings are virtually infinite. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and progress can be had by means of beneficent vibration.

Left and right brain alignment, entrainment into Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwaves, de-stressing, Nitric Oxide production, and positive thinking / affirmations are just some of the incredibly powerful phenomena that accompany healing sound work. Daily, Sound healing moves ever closer into mainstream consciousness as it is experienced and shared by more people, and the quality of practitioners reaches higher standards.

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