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The Mission

ToneCenter’s mission is to develop, nurture, and encourage growth, harmony, health, and love within the community here in Brooklyn, and expanding outward through our networks, relations, and communities abroad. We employ safe and effective sound practices to bring about multiple levels of change and growth in group and individual settings. ToneCenter is built upon a foundation of ethics, compassion, and education to foster an environment wherein all can flourish.


ToneCenter is a holistic healing arts center offering regular sound baths, Reiki, private sound healing sessions, and special events.


Samer Ghadry, Founder / Sound Practitioner

Samer began studying sound healing in January 2018 with Katie Down and Jessica Caplan at Maha Rose. He completed the Sage Academy of Sound Energy certification course and attended the 35 hour Gong retreat at Ananda Ashram with Don Conreaux by October 2018. Returning from Ananda Ashram, Samer founded ToneCenter and began holding weekly Wednesday sound baths, later adding a second weekly Sunday session.

Samer is an active musician, performing, recording, and touring regularly, and has 22 years of experience playing drumset. Samer brings his experience of live performance and musical sense into sound experiences, using all acoustic instruments including gongs, Himalayan bowls, crystal instruments, voice, and more. He continues to study and practice with peers and teachers in order to evolve his practice.